Walking  In His Fullness Daily.

Welcome Brethren
You are most welcome to The Fullness of God Outreach Ministries, International INC; with a youth Ministry known as "Faith Redeemed Youth Chapel, VA" Where God is restoring and impacting the lives of his children through insightful teachings and the power demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. David said "I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord" Psalm 122:1 and John 10:10. TFGOM is a non-denominational multicultural, intergenerational community of believers committed to living God's plan and purpose for our lives daily through the redemptive life Jesus Christ has engrace us with. A place for you and your family to grow in the word of God and in your prayer life as a child of God. Our doors are open to you and your family weather church is new to you or you just relocated to this area.   “Together We Build” We are a church where people encounter God's divine power daily. He refreshes the weary, restores the broken and immerses them in His divine glory. Through insightful teachings, the Holy Spirit impacts divine wisdom and knowledge of God that is required in our daily decisions making thereby positively impacts the future of his children. Come and Discover for yourself; the redeemed are walking in the fullness of God's power Psalm 107:2-9. We are firm believers that the precise and accurate knowledge of God's word is the gateway to change in people's lives. May you be blessed abundantly as you read about us.

Make a date with us this & every Sunday at 9:30am