Walking  In His Fullness Daily.

A New Testament Church

Rearing up Leaders who are drench in a personal relationship with God in worship and living their divine destinies to the fullest according to Matthew 5:14-16,  Ephesians 3:19-21, 2 Corinthians 6:16-18, Psalm 107:1-10, Isaiah 62:1-12, Galatians 3:13-14, Ezekiel 36:25-30 

To create a safe place of worship where the cultural values of individual are maintained with respect, excellence, integrity and in serving God as stewards.
To empower individual to access the perfect plan and purpose of God for their lives.
To see the body of Christ reach a higher level of maturity, a place where we walk in the fidelity of biblical principles. 
To stir up the God given potentials embedded in Gods people of all races and nationalities. 
To build a community of faith, hope, and love reaching out to the lost and the needy in Christ Jesus. James 1:27
To improve the spiritual and physical health of families, friends, the communities and the environment we live in.
To impact families, friends, co-workers and the people around us with the lifestyle of Jesus Christ; By empowering them to live according to Biblical principles.

About Us

Our Mission


Our Vision

The Fullness of God Outreach Ministries International, Incorporation with a youth Ministry known as "Faith Redeemed Youth Chapel, VA” exists to raise servant leaders of God. Rev. Eric Kweku Appiah receives the vision in 2008 during an encounter with the Lord. The vision God lay on his heart during this encounter the vision was written down as the Bible says "Write the vision on tablets and make it plain". In 2010 the vision saw manifestation as the ministry was birth into operation. The TFGOM started with Pastor Eric Appiah and four other people in their living room as a fellowship and in 2011 the church took flight. Since its inception the ministry has been functioning as a New Testament church which recognizes and believes in the five-fold ministries and the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith. From its inception, heartfelt worship and dynamic teaching have characterized "TFGOM and Faith Redeemed Youth Chapel VA". We are a multicultural church as the Bible commands in Psalm 86:9; Revelation 15:4-5, 7:9-17; Isaiah 66:23 where unlimited miracles happens.

We are really glad you are checking us out. Maybe you haven't been to church in a while, or maybe church is brand new for you. Relax!! We want you to sit back and enjoy the service and get yourself familiar with us. This is a safe place to make some new friends in the Lord and check out God's messages on how your life can be more meaningful and manageable. At The Fullness of God Outreach Ministries International Inc with our youth ministry also known as "Faith Redeemed Youth Chapel, VA" you will find people a lot like you. They have questions, struggles, victories and joys. We are here to share in these aspects of life with you. We guarantee you that, the messages you will hear/listen to are relevant to your personal life decision making and your family as well. Our music is contemporary and upbeat! You will meet friendly people who are glad you came and you'll find a safe place to explore the spiritual side of life. A place where your God giving gifts will be nourish grow and blossom to the glory of God. Remember together we build.

Our Mission & Vision Statement.