Jesus Care Ministry
The main purpose of this ministry is to maintain contact with all members of the church on a regular basis. The In Touch Ministry makes personal phone calls to members to encourage them in their walk with God. It also serves as the first level of counselling when necessary.

New Citizens Ministry
This ministry assists new members by providing information about the mission and vision of the church. It organises new member classes, coordinates new member's graduation ceremonies and provides information about the various ministries to enable them participate upon completion of their classes.

Follow-Up Team
The Follow-up team assists the first timers by giving information about the church and meetings times. It creates a loving atmosphere in order to make first timers feel welcomed and appreciated . Through regular visitation they express God's love to the new comers in order to keep them in the house of God, preventing them from slipping away. They also agree with our first timers in prayers in regards to the inner most issues of their lives. They counsel and if need be recommend further counselling with the Pastor. They also recommend other activities such as Believers Foundation class to further strengthen their faith.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry
This ministry teaches and assists members in maintaining the kind of marriage that God wants for His people. it helps them work through the various differences in personality that each partner brings to the marriage. The fire that keeps burning with high intensity and the passion that drives the leaders and workers in this ministry is to see people fall in love with Jesus.
Leadership understands that there are times in life when situations and circumstances can distract our attention away from Jesus. But the key is to stay so in love with Him that the distraction is only for a moment and we can get right back on track.

Marriage Mentorship Ministry
Counseling with a goal to prepare for covenant marriage in order to "eliminate" divorce amongst our families and nurture for constant growth within our families and community.

What Is Small Group Ministry?
Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts - Acts 2:46. A Small Group is a gathering of normally 6-12 people who meet together each week to make new friends, grow spiritually and have fun. Most group members already attend The Fullness of God Outreach Ministries, but sometimes people visit a group first and then check out TFGOM. Many groups meet in private homes. Small groups are the place to build intimate friendships and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ through bible study and fellowship. We believe that sustained life change occurs as we are in a growing relationship with Christ, and this happens best when we are prioritizing intentional relationships with others with that same goal. Small Groups provide people with the opportunity to connect with other people, grow in their relationship with Christ, and experience community. Small Group hosts/leaders create environments for people to develop and growing in their relationships with Jesus Christ. For additional information, contact the Small Group or call the church office or fax number at 540-693-7235.

Evangelism & Community Outreah Ministry.
“Evangelize To Disciple: Seeking And Saving The Lost”
Evangelism outreach at TFGOM is such an integral aspect of the ministry that it has clearly outgrown the walls of the church’s internal organization structure. Everything our church does is outreach! Outreaches provide an atmosphere where people from all walks of life can experience the love of Jesus extended through ordinary people who care. This is Christianity in action. Enthusiastic, well-organized teams are impacting our Jerusalem, Samaria and the ends of the world. In order to live out the Great Commission it takes many people playing numerous roles, all working together to assist and support those God calls us to serve along the various facets of the Christian life. Throughout the years, God has opened and reversed the mind-set of His people concerning outreach. Originally people were geared to bringing people to the church, but now it has come time to bring church to the people.The outreach programs at The Fullness of God not only meet the material needs of individuals but also their love needs. The heartbeat of outreach is demonstrating that God is Love and that is His nature. These outreaches serve as vehicles to feed hungry people with the Word of God.” 

Walking In His Fullness Daily.

The Youth Ministry ministers to the needs of the youth through bible teaching, mentoring program, special events and activities. There is, as part of the youth ministry, a student ministry which comprises, middle school, high school and college students.
Our mission is to transform the hearts and minds of students, leading them into a passionate, purpose-filled relationship with Jesus Christ.
Through God-pleasing worship experiences, creative teaching methods, community service projects, discipleship classes, retreats, mission trips, small groups, and other activities, the needs of the youth are being met. We strive to lead the youth to discover their God-given purpose.

Our FRC Youth Ministry