A special message from the heart of our senior Pastor.

​​Whatever is taught by the teacher should be caught by the student! Teachers often erroneously assume that because they taught a certain thing, the students automatically caught it. But that is not so. No matter how good the throw is, nothing is gained without the catch! Whatever is thrown through teaching or preaching is useless, unless someone catches it! But understand that not all teaching is done by precepts; much of it is done through demonstration or example. In fact, most of the "stuff" that is caught is not what is taught by precept, but what is demonstrated by WHO the teacher is! You see, "You teach what you know, but you reproduce what you ARE!” through the inheritance of his genetic makeup. No father or mother purposefully teachers their child to have uncontrolled anger, smoke, or get drunk, but children catch that from a parents or a friend. 

You need to understand that you don't need to catch everything that is taught to you from various sources. Catching too much from different sources is like having unprotected sex with multiple partners. Soon you'll end up with a serious disease or infection. So you must have a filter on what you receive. This is why Jesus said, "Take heed WHAT you hear..." (Mark 4:24) Understand that discernment is the mark of maturity! Then Jesus also tells us to "Take heed HOW you hear." (Luke 8:18) This refers to the attitude in which we receive. Having a wrong attitude is often the cause of many things being misinterpreted. Remember that even failure is an attitude, not an outcome! So make sure that you are always meek in disposition. A meek spirit is a teachable spirit. Meekness should always be our attitude as we learn.

Because knowledge has a reference to intimacy, you should not allow yourself to be taught by someone that you cannot trust. If a teacher is untrustworthy, he could lace what he teaches with cyanide. Truth mixed with error equals deception. Partial truth is a whole lie! Every student and teacher should have a connection! A father can teach his son easily if they have a bond – a connection. A rebellious son is unteachable because his connection with his father has been destroyed. Connection is made through developing trusting relationship. A wife receives impartation from her husband because they have a connection – a covenant of relationship. Before you allow someone to throw something to you, you need to have a connection! Otherwise, what they throw may explode on contact! As a spiritual father, I desire for those I teach to "know me." I often meet people who are not even members of our church who are taught by the Holy Spirit in me. They approach me and say, "I feel like I already know you!" You see, we have a connection in the Spirit. Every member of the word of faith should know their pastor by the Spirit!

​Stay blessed and keep the fire of God burning in you. Rom 12:11Amp.


Rev. Eric .K. A. Appiah is the senior servant and head shepherd of The Fullness of God Outreach Ministries International and Faith Redeemed Youth Chapel; with their headquarts in the United State of America.  Rev. Eric K.A. Appiah was saved at an early age of 10 year through his grandmother who was then the presiding elder in a Presbyterian church in the Akim Oda area in Ghana. In 1995 his Love, passion, and commitment in the things of God grown stronger after encountering God on his way to his father's shop at Rawlings Park, Market Street in the capital of Ghana, Accra. After years of service, dedication, faithfulness, commitment and loyalty he came into ministry as a church youth leader and prayer team leader before becoming an ordained minister after years of sacrificial and dedicated service to the Lord. He is a visionary with a tenacious drive to push the agenda of God for soul winning and establishing them in the word of faith; he began as a young evangelist preaching in buses, in schools and in the market places. He is anointed to preach and teach God's Word with simplicity and with power.  Rev. Eric K. A. Appiah is not only passionate about bringing salvation to the lost, but also making disciples by rooting people in the Word of God and teaching them of their rights and privileges as God’s children on earth.

Rev. Eric K.A. Appiah ministry is marked by prophetic word, miracles, signs, wonders and a living demonstration of God's power. He is the CEO of EL-EU Rescue Mission Organization and Stafford Community Soccer Fitness (Stafford FC). He is a graduate of Victory Bible College, Sonshine Bible College (Fits), and Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI). He is a Professional Chaplain at Mary Washington Healthcare both in Fredericksbury and Stafford facilities since 2010. He also served as the Vice President for Stafford Early Childhood Education Centers "Head Start Policy Council.  Rev. Eric K. A. Appiah is blessed with four children Kaitlyn, Johnna, Zion and Elisha.